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October 2015

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It is said that God took 6 days to create the sun, the stars, the morning, the night, the waters, the land, man and woman. Was it easy for God to accomplish this major feat because God is a devoted God or because he didn’t have all the distractions we have today?

Today we are bombarded by many tasks during a single day. We do not have the luxury of spending one day at a time and manage one task . This is a true situation for many of us. His story teaches us that by taking our time, perfection is possible. His story explains, as he created, he stopped to admire his work and proclaim that his work was good. Ever wonder why we are to busy that we don’t make time to stop and admire our work?

Brethren, we all lead very busy lives. Work, family, & self, completely takes a toll on one’s mind. Maybe it’s time to stop and admire your work. Admire the achievements in your workplace. Admire your achievements in your family (hugs and kisses will do). Admire yourself for all your personal achievements. And while you’re at it, remember the reason why you joined the lodge (the good reasons). Stop, on in and admire what your brethren have achieved while you were away.

Maybe his-tory is something that is more relevant to us today than we believe.


Roberto J Santana

Worshipful Master




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