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January 2015

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My Brothers,


I hope everyone had a happy and relaxing holiday and were able to spend time with their loved ones. I must thank you once again for the privilege of leading the Lodge for 2015. Although, I know that throughout the year I will be faced with many challenges as our Past Masters have, with your support I feel confident that all will be able to get through them all. I also wish to congratulate the new 2015 elected and appointed officers. I want to thank the craft for giving me the honor of serving with these brothers. These are all men and brothers that you may rest assured will fatefully execute their duties and act above normal expectations. With their help and your support I feel confident that 2015 will be an active and successful year. I cannot express how deep my gratitude is for having serving under our Junior Past Master Giovanni Lucero. His year was filled with great events, community service and of course Brotherhood and I hope to do the same.


In the past years Secaucus-Hudson has always been a model of ritual and commitment. One of my duties as Worshipful Master is to continue that tradition and strengthen the obligation. With that being said, we have been bless to receive many new members but also cursed in that too many of them have abandoned their obligation soon after joining. Will we reevaluate our admission process and retention methods. We cannot lose members “just because”.  It is all of our responsibility to reach out to a Brother Mason and if anything, just say “Hi”. I believe that simple 2 letter word can make a difference.


Brethren, thank you again for the opportunity to serve our lodge in the capacity of Worshipful Master. I hope that all our endeavors this year meet with the approval of the All-Mighty and our own pleasure and enjoyment.


Roberto J Santana

Worshipful Master


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