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February 2014

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“Every piece of marble has a statue in it waiting to be released by a man of sufficient skill to chip away the unnecessary parts. Just as the sculptor is to the marble, so is education to the soul. It releases it. For only educated men are free men. You cannot create a statue by smashing the marble with a hammer, and you cannot, by force of arms, release the spirit or the soul of man.” -Confucius

If I did not know the author of this quote I would have thought it came from a Brother Mason. This touches upon one of the goals I have for this year, and that is Masonic Education.

During our first meeting in January we touched upon Masonic Etiquette. We will continue our Masonic Journey of Education and Enlightenment through the year together and touch upon Masonic Landmarks, Law, History, Symbolism and more. Our Search for More Light did not stop after passing our Master Mason Examinations, but continues each and every day.

Taking out of context the working tools of an Entered Apprentice Mason, which are the Twenty-four Inch Gauge and Common Gavel, we are informed that they are both instruments used by Operative Masons. And we, as Entered Apprentice Masons were taught to make use of it for the more noble purposes of dividing our time and divesting our character of the vices and superfluities of life. Time is a symbol of wealth and the substance of life. If we use time wisely and budget it appropriately it, we can do so much. We need to look deeply into our lives and use the Twenty-four Inch Gauge symbolically to divide our time and budget it wisely.

If we can master this, we can accomplish many things in our personal, work and Masonic life. The word “vice” comes from Latin where it means “a flaw or weakness”. The word “superfluity” also comes from Latin where it means “overflowing or excessive”. Taking into account this metaphor for using a Common Gavel to divest (or remove) all the flaws or weakness and excess in our character we can become a better person, a better man, a better mason both spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The benefit of Masonic Education not only improves oneself within the Masonic Lodge, but outside the Lodge, in your home, your work place and all throughout your life. Together, we will continue our Masonic Journey and each day, week and month we will see the improvements in our lives and at the end of this 2014 Masonic Year, we can truly say, we have worked in the quarries with freedom, fervency and zeal and are ready for the next Masonic Year and those that come afterwards.

The first meeting in February finds us hosting our Ladies Night Dinner; we will start our short meeting at 7:30 PM after which we will serve dinner to our Ladies. Please invite them to the Lodge at 8:00 PM. If they come earlier we will make sure they are entertained until we finish our meeting. We will continue our Masonic Education program during our second meeting with a Presentation on the Masonic Impact and History of the Philippines.

May the Great Architect of the Universe Continue to watch over us all and guide our actions with all mankind especially the brethren…


Giovanni Lucero, Worshipful Master

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