About Us

Secaucus-Hudson Lodge No. 72 was Constituted on April 20, 1978. ...This was made possible by a union of Secaucus Lodge No. 282 and Teutonia Lodge No. 72.

However, masonry has been alive and well in the town of Secaucus, NJ for more than 78 years. The members of Secaucus-Hudson No. 72 have always taken pride in assisting the Secaucus Community. Our benevolence ranges from the philanthropic (Scholarships, donations to various charities) to the physical (community cleanups, gift baskets, etc.).

Our Lodge is located in the 5th Masonic District, which encompasses all of Hudson County and the southeast part of Bergen County (Fairview, Cliffside Park area). The Lodge Meets at the Secaucus Masonic Temple located on 1422 Paterson Plank Road. This building was erected in 1938.

Because of the rich diversity of the Hudson County area, our lodge has had a recent infusion of young members coming from various cultures. This is truly indicative of the mystic tie which binds every nation, color and creed. This is Freemasonry at its finest!

If you would like more information on our lodge, please contact our secretary at [email protected]

Our Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master 2018

RW Nomar Vizcarrondo

Senior Warden 2018

Luis Diaz, PM

Junior Warden 2018

L. Dennis Davila

Our Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master — RW Nomar Vizcarrondo

Senior Warden — Luis Diaz, PM

Junior Warden — L. Dennis Davila

Treasurer — Roberto Santana, PM

Secretary — Giovanni Lucero, PM

Chaplain — Tony Lucero, PM

Sr. Deacon — Jeffery Barattin

Jr. Deacon — Justin Pardo

Sr. Master of Ceremonies — Jose Luis Urena, PM

Jr. Master of Ceremonies — Raul F. Fernandez, PM

Sr. Steward — John J. Russo

Jr. Steward — Manuel Dejesus Reyes, Jr

Marshall — Oscar Rimolo

Historian — Angelo Aponte, PM

Tyler — Jose Perez, PM

Proxy to GL — Jeffrey Barattin

Secretary Emeritus — RW Robert K Pedersen

Our Elected Trustees


WB Faustino Lucero

WB Jose A. Perez

BRO Jorge L. Gandiaga


RW Michael J. Pesci

RW Valentin T. Basiga, Jr

WB Angelo Aponte


RW Freddy R. Nunez, Jr

WB Andrew Mastellone

WB Jose Luis Urena

Our Living Past Masters

1953—Stanley A. Herb, Jr (#282)

1960— Kenneth L. Dunbar (#71)

1961—Louis J. Steidl (#72)

1968—Suren Tegrar (#282)

1972—Francis R. Peregrin (#53)

1975—Donald R. Sisk (#71)

1976—RW Richard E. Anderson (#282)

1977—Richard W. Shaw (#282)

1979—William E. Schnalke

1980—RW Frederick A. Dietzel

1986—RW William J. Anderson

1988—RW Michael J. Pesci

1990—Frederick Schneider

1991—RW Robert K. Pedersen (2002)

1992—John V. Pesci

1994—RW John Beilin

1996—RW Mark S. Hansen (2001, 2008)

1997—Nelson Jose Lugo

1999—RW George R. Lavelle (2009)

2000—Andrew Mastellone

2003—RW Roger Quintana

2005—RW John A. Waterman

2006—RW Freddy R. Nunez Jr. (2013)

2007—Miguel J. Nunez

2010—Anthony M. Iglesias

2011—RW Nomar Vizcarrondo

2012—Danny Ortega

2014—Giovanni A. Lucero

2015—Roberto J. Santana

2016—Angelo Aponte

2017—Jose Luis Urena

Arthur G. Knapp*

Charles Demorjian *

Richard W. Pursley *

George Schneider *

Richard W. Leo *

RW Donald P. Garrido *

Raul F. Fernandez *

Ernest I. Lewis *

RW Valentin T. Basiga, Jr. *

Faustino B. Lucero *

RW Yoel Lee *

RW Brendan M. Meany *

Juan Cruz *

Jose A Perez *

Luis G. Diaz *

*denotes PM at other Lodge